Acrylic & Mixed Media on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Acrylic & Mixed Media on Gallery Wrapped CanvasIn my past I have created with so many different mediums, but have landed safely in a zone where I am superbly comfortable.  Acrylics….AHHHH…. They definitely have their own personality.  And don’t forget the Mixed Media, where possibilities are truly endless.  A few of the elements that I include are crushed leaves, handmade papers, textiles…just to name a few.  Not to mention about 15 different mediums that definitely let you know their personalities.  Personalities of paint?  Whaaat? 

Yes, I believe…in fact I know… that paint & mediums have beautiful bursting personalities if you learn how to deal with them.  Trial and error have gotten me into the operating systems of paint.  If it is an unhappy day, they may yellow, they may crack, they may run off of the canvas or the ultimate… bubble.  They are very tempremental.  But, if you treat them with love, they can be fantastic, beautiful and inspiring.  It is a dance that comes with discovery.  A discovery that I am still in awe of and search for every day.


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