The word transformation can take on different meanings for many people.

Whether it is a life or work transformation, it is usually drastic even though it does take small steps to achieve it.  In addition, I believe that transformation is an ongoing process, never to really find a means to an end, but to keep the possibilities of discovery open to all beings.

Transformation within my world of creativity takes on a multitude of meanings.  From day one as a “professional artist” my work has transformed on a daily basis.  From landscapes, street scenes, houses on hills, to Rothko inspired color blocks, my work is always changing.  Not only from what the physical eye can see, but flowing into the actual painting process. 

I truly have my guides to thank for this, as I have had no professional training as an artist working in many techniques.  It just happens…yes, that is my explanation.  It just happens…..  And yes, I do believe that a lot of the changes in technique as well as style are “happy accidents”.  How much fun is that?  I make a mistake while working, and it ends up being one of the greatest elements of my artistic journey. 

When I look back at what I have created over the past 15 years, it makes me smile.  Yes, I do look back at some paintings that I have done and say to myself “what was I thinking?” I need to remind myself that my art represents where I was at any specific time in my career and life.  I just can’t imagine as an artist, creating the same style /technique all of the time.  I definitely know that I get bored creating the same thing time after time.  Even though no two paintings are exactly alike, even working in the same palette can get a bit dull for me. 

I thrive on the excitement of discovering a new way to paint, a new inspired look and how that makes me feel.  When I am in one of these states of blissful creating, I will often look with excitement at my creations morning, noon and night. I don’t know of many jobs where people have the pleasure of doing that. I am so thrilled for the future of my paintings, career and life, and can only imagine what transformations will take place along my path.


Influences in childhood, shape who we are as adults.

As we grow and change it is our choice to accept these influences. At least this is what I believe.  Who influenced me as a child…in regards to Art?  Truthfully, it was a combination of individuals.

My first influence was grandmother.  She was always making ceramic figurines.  I even remember her kiln in her basement & loved to watch her create.  That creative gene was passed down to my mother who was also an amateur artist.  I remember when I was very young, she would sit at her easel & create beautiful landscape paintings, as I would sit on the floor next to her and paint as well. 

I also had two amazing art teachers all through grade school and high school.  It was such a beautiful thing to have supportive teachers that accepted a child’s imagination, opening up worlds of possibilities. 

Lastly, in grade school, I had a pal in crime.  She was a beautiful soul who was insanely creative.  We would sit and draw together, paint together & create something out of nothing.  We went to art camp in the summers, and were always known in school as being the “creative ones”.  She was my soul sister and artistic partner. She is no longer in this world, but I do feel that she is often with me when I am creating. She was a wonderful influence on me & I hope to live out this dream for both of us.

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Imagine Julie Havel

Did I major in Art in College?

Not even close.  Although I did take a few art classes at The University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!) it was not my major.  I majored in Early Childhood Development.  This took me through a gamut of jobs not even related.  Okay, I’ll just throw it out there.  Flight Attendant, Major League Baseball, Sales Director,  Colorado Manager a large Marketing Firm & again at an Advertising Firm.   ALL of us have been there.  When you had a JOB, not a CAREER.  I knew in my heart of hearts that being an artist was still down deep inside & at some point taking that leap would happen.  I just wasn’t sure when it would happen.  Yes, I have a career now… not a job.  Although I don’t even know that I consider it a career.  I consider myself to be one of the “lucky” ones to have known my passion since a very early age.  I am blessed an honored to call myself an artist.  I wouldn’t be where I am today, had it not been for all of the ups and downs with my past jobs.  Stages of life have helped me to grow into the creative being that I am now.  I am simply a conduit, and am one of the chosen ones to be able to portray that onto a canvas.

Acrylic & Mixed Media on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Acrylic & Mixed Media on Gallery Wrapped CanvasIn my past I have created with so many different mediums, but have landed safely in a zone where I am superbly comfortable.  Acrylics….AHHHH…. They definitely have their own personality.  And don’t forget the Mixed Media, where possibilities are truly endless.  A few of the elements that I include are crushed leaves, handmade papers, textiles…just to name a few.  Not to mention about 15 different mediums that definitely let you know their personalities.  Personalities of paint?  Whaaat? 

Yes, I believe…in fact I know… that paint & mediums have beautiful bursting personalities if you learn how to deal with them.  Trial and error have gotten me into the operating systems of paint.  If it is an unhappy day, they may yellow, they may crack, they may run off of the canvas or the ultimate… bubble.  They are very tempremental.  But, if you treat them with love, they can be fantastic, beautiful and inspiring.  It is a dance that comes with discovery.  A discovery that I am still in awe of and search for every day.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Yes, it may be common….but it is TRUE!  Since I was 7 years old, I knew that I wanted to be an artist.  Truly, how many people say that as a child, and live out their dream as an adult?  I would find anything I could to create something out of nothing and that still continues today. I am a self-taught artist, and as my career has grown so has my art.  I started out painting in watercolors, where my subject matter was landscapes and European street scenes.   And yes, it made me CRAZY!  I finally picked up a palette knife, a few textural elements and my life changed.

UrbaniteUrbanite 48×48 Acrylic & Mixed Media


changesChanges 15×60 Acrylic & Mixed Media 

blendzBlendz 24×24 Acrylic & Mixed Media